A bowl of ramen with eggs and veggies
Transform Instant Ramen Into A Veggie-Packed Meal With Bagged Broccoli Slaw
To transform instant ramen, add bagged broccoli slaw, which makes for a more nutritious bowl, provides textural contrast, and infuses some much-needed freshness into the dish.
Beyond giving the soup a very subtle veggie flavor, the carrot sticks and broccoli florets in broccoli slaw add a nice crunch as you slurp the noodles.
Prepare instant ramen as you typically would. Add the dried noodles and follow it with the broccoli slaw, allowing the veggies a little time to cook and soften.
Don't cook the broccoli slaw too long, or the noodles will get soggy from over-boiling. Ingredients like sliced cabbage can be added before serving since it cooks more quickly.