Spoon full of cookie dough above bowl of cookie dough
Transform Cake Mix Into Cookie Dough With Just 2 Added Ingredients
It’s hard to choose between cookies and cake, but if you’re in the mood for cookies and only have cake mix, you can easily transform it into cookie dough with just two additions.
Cake mix contains the basic ingredients for a slew of baked goods, and if you want to turn it into cookie dough, all you need is oil and eggs, without water or another liquid.
Typically, you’d add water, oil, and eggs to create cake batter, but since cookie dough is meant to be thicker and denser, you don’t need to add water this time.
You'll also have to adjust the ingredient quantities for your mix. You’ll add two eggs and a half cup of oil for every box of cake mix to achieve the right consistency.
Best of all, you can use any kind of cake mix to create cookies, from red velvet and chocolate to classic vanilla and lemon. Just don’t forget to add chocolate chips.