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Traditional Scottish Shortbread Only Requires 3 Ingredients
Historic UK speculates that Scottish shortbread has been around since the 12th century or earlier, but one rumor has it that the creation of this sweet treat was dedicated to Mary, Queen of Scots, who had an affinity for the cookie during the 16th century. At this time, the cookie was presented in three shapes: "petticoat tails," "shortbread rounds," and "fingers."
The flavor and consistency of the Scottish shortbread are a delightful combination of crumbly and buttery. Shortbread has been around for so long that there isn't one steadfast rule to making it, but one thing that is consistent across shortbread recipes, however, is the use of three ingredients: sugar, flour, and butter.
Shortbread is still widely enjoyed and eaten during special occasions in Scotland, but now, bakers have taken the classic cookie and enhanced it with other ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, and nuts. The Millionaire's Shortbread is a perfect example, combining the buttery crumb of the shortbread with layers of smooth caramel and rich chocolate.