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Trader Joe's New Ube-Flavored Snack Has Shoppers Excited
In previous years, Trader Joe’s has sold ube-flavored snacks, including ice cream and cookies, and it isn't stopping there. A Trader Joe's Instagram fan account recently spotted an all-new ube snack on the store's shelves, and this time it’s in the form of mini pretzels coated in an ube-flavored yogurt shell.
The fan account also posted a photo of the pretzels, sharing with followers that they found the flavor to be "the perfect combo of salty and sweet." Another Instagram Trader Joe’s fan account reshared the photo, joking the product broke the internet.
Ube is a purple yam native to the Philippines, and because it’s sweet and fragrant, it often shows up in desserts. However, because of its intense, photogenic color, the ingredient has expanded far beyond the realm of Filipino food, making its way into vibrantly purple ice creams, donuts, and even cocktails.