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Trader Joe's Minimizes The 'Paradox Of Choice' For Stress-Free Shopping
With delicious food, great customer service, and hard-to-beat prices, Trader Joe's is a perennial favorite among grocery shoppers. Although it may seem like Trader Joe’s has many options to choose from, the store in fact streamlines its offerings, thus helping customers feel less stressed as they roam the aisles.
Coined by American psychologist Barry Schwartz, the ”paradox of choice” describes how many consumers feel overwhelmed and indecisive rather than empowered when presented with more options. Rather than leading to a more informed decision, too many options make the choice unclear, which is why Trader Joe’s streamlined offerings help customers.
Trader Joe's helps its shoppers evade the paradox of choice by narrowing its offerings, such as only carrying its own brand and offering a few choices rather than many. In these cases, you'll quickly be drawn to one option, make your decision, and continue shopping, and for some items, the store only offers one option, easing customers' decision fatigue even more.