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Trader Joe's Has New Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches
There are endless products to choose from in today's ice cream market, but Trader Joe’s new line of ice cream sandwiches stand out. Popular Instagram account Trader Joe’s List has posted about TJ's launch for fall of 2022, revealing frozen products that look like a hybrid between ice cream sandwiches and a dipped ice cream cone.
Trader Joe's new Figo! products — the name translates to "cool" in Italian — feature a filling of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, and one half of the bar is sandwiched between two chocolatey cookies, while the other half is coated in rich milk chocolate. Trader Joe's List claims that each box of these treats retails for just $4.49.
TJ’s fans expressed excitement about Figo! on social media, with some comparing the sandwiches to an old-school Tandem ice cream bar. While some shoppers are less than pleased that these desserts don’t come in a gluten-free variety, perhaps these treats will explode in popularity and earn new additions to the lineup.