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Trader Joe's Fans Are In Love With Its New Tres Leches Cake
The tres leches cake calls for first making a classic vanilla sponge cake, which is then soaked with cream, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk before it is blanketed with whipped cream. The pastry then has to be left undisturbed for eight hours to absorb all that liquid.
While the cake is said to be best made from scratch, it appears that Trader Joe's, the specialty grocery store, has found a winner with its frozen tres leches cake. One Instagram user gave the store plenty of love, by claiming it was as close to the real thing as it got, while another enthusiastic fan noted, "Just ate some today in the employee break room. It's to die for."
Another review was a bit more mixed, saying, “Cinnamon and vanilla bean would've made it even better,” and adding that it was “chewy” and “over cooked,” but ultimately “delicious.” The store’s website says its new Tres Leches Cake is perfect for when you're feeling fancy or wish to treat yourself, although there is a “limited” stamp, so you may want to call your store to check if they have it before going.