Chocolate sauce pouring over pieces of chocolate
Trader Joe's Chocolate Sauce Brand Is A Must-Buy Over Hershey's
Despite Hershey's rich history, they may not have the best chocolate sauce. In a review by Tasting Table, Table Joe's Midnight Moo outranked it by a significant degree.
Hershey's sauce felt runny and dissolved before the chocolate flavor could settle on the taste buds. TJ's sauce had the opposite qualities and was rich, with a strong cocoa flavor.
TJ's sauce has just six ingredients, while Hershey's has 11, and where ingredient lists are concerned, the shorter the better. TJ's also costs only 50 cents more than Hershey's.
Further, Midnight Moo contains just organic cane sugar, while Hershey's has high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and sugar, as well as an artificial vanilla flavor.
TJ's sauce also contains organic tapioca syrup. Unlike corn syrup, it's a natural sweetener made from the root vegetable cassava, making it a healthier option.