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Trader Joe's Apple Product Names That Pushed The Envelope
Along with fresh apples, Trader Joe’s offers a plethora of apple-themed products including snacks, sweets, candles, and hand soaps. To avoid calling every product "apple-flavored this" or "apple-scented that," the store assigns quirky product names to grab customers' attention, but not every name the team comes up with is a winner.
According to TJ's podcast, the company was once inspired by the biblical story of Adam and Eve and allegedly named one product — perhaps apple butter — "Eve's Apple Buttered by Adam," while a non-alcoholic sparkling juice could have been named "Eve's Apple Sparkled by Adam." Ultimately, the team scrapped the names.
It's easy to imagine why oddly suggestive-sounding product names involving biblical figures were perhaps not a good look for TJ's. While these specific product names were shot down, others like "cinna-dragons gummy candies" or "brookie," which is a cross between a cookie and brownie, still continue to entertain the store's customers.