Two raw steak filets on black countertop
Tournedos Rossini Is The French Steak Dish Named After A Well-Known Composer
Tournedos Rossini is a rich, decadent French steak dish that is aptly named after the famed Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini.
Rossini was born in Italy in 1792 and died in Paris in 1868. You may recognize some of his works like "The Barber of Seville" or "The William Tell Overture."
Rossini lived in Paris and was known as an astute gourmand and a supporter of chefs. His eponymous dish was likely created by his friend, chef Casimir Moissons.
However, other accounts suggest that other chefs, like Marie-Antione Careme, Adolphe Dulgere, or Auguste Escoffier, developed Tournedos Rossini in tribute to the great composer.
The most time-consuming part of the recipe is the gravy, which relies on a homemade beef or veal stock concentrate, along with butter, shallots, and Madeira wine.
The rest of the dish comes together quickly but incorporates many ingredients, primarily tournedos, a thick steak, which is quickly seared and served rare.
The steak is then served atop grilled bread and topped with sautéd foie gras, a shaving of black truffles, and a generous serving of the flavorful gravy.