Tuna Salad Sandwich with Cheese, lettuce and herbs. White background. Top view.
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Top Tuna Sandwiches With Pickled Ginger For A Sushi-Inspired Twist
While visiting your favorite sushi restaurant every day for lunch may be a tad unrealistic for your schedule and your bank account, you can still get a taste of that sushi flavor in your own kitchen. For fans of both tuna salad and sushi, pickled ginger might be the magical ingredient that fills both cravings at once.
Adding pickled ginger, a classic accoutrement for sushi, to your tuna salad gives it a sweet, tart, and slightly flavor to offset the savory tuna and rich mayo. Simply chop pieces of ginger pickle into shreds and add it to your salad, or lay thinner slices of ginger into a tuna salad sandwich for a simple, sushi-esque lunch.
For those avoiding bread, ginger also pairs well with tuna lettuce wraps or other low-carb tuna salad dishes. If you’re not quite sold on using the ginger root itself, a splash of brine from a jar of pickled ginger can provide a hint of flavor without overpowering any other ingredients in your tuna salad or changing its texture.