Datterini tomatoes on wooden table
Tomatoes Are The Key To Changing Up Ice Cream Night
To give your ice cream an added burst of sweet-meets-savory goodness, try topping it with tomatoes. It enhances aesthetics and just makes sense flavor-wise.
Balancing ice cream’s decadence, tomatoes add a refreshing burst of acidity. They impart a subtle sugary quality that makes their pairing with ice cream quite cohesive.
Not all ice cream flavors are great matches for tomatoes. Neutral flavors like milky fior di latte or simple custard-based ice creams can be great starting points.
Fruity sorbets like watermelon, citrus, or strawberry can also make great matches for tomatoes. You can even use tomatoes as toppings for other savory ice creams, like olive oil.
Extremely ripe tomato varieties have a honeyed quality that allows them to be used raw. To sweeten tart or earthy renditions, roast or slowly simmer them into jam.
If you happen to have leftover tomato jelly from last night’s charcuterie board, you can even melt that into syrup for drizzling over your ice cream.
For the final touch, trade in a crimson cherry for other savory toppings such as a sprig of peppery basil or ginger pieces to balance umami and sweetness.