Classic baked beans in a rustic antique pan.
Tomato Paste Is The Secret For Robust Flavors In Beans
A good bean recipe is both savory and hearty, with a touch of sweetness for balance. Since tomatoes provide all those qualities and more, try cooking your beans with tomato paste.
Tomato paste is the secret to imparting an umami-rich flavor in soups, stews, stocks, and a variety of other dishes. It’s ultra-concentrated, so you only need a spoonful or two.
The method works with any beans and almost any type of dish. Simmer the paste with canned beans before making a spicy stew or mix it into cooked beans before serving as a side.
The easiest method is to heat it with your aromatics before pouring beans into the pot. Add a scoop of tomato paste to the pot once the onions, shallots, or garlic have softened.
Allow the pungent flavors to infuse the tomato paste as you stir. If you're using dried means, deglaze the pan with a broth first before cooking the beans as normal.