Coconut cracked in half
Toast Up Shredded Coconut In The Air Fryer For A Quick Dessert Upgrade
Toasted, shredded coconut adds crunch, color, an inviting aroma, and a delicious taste to any dessert, and you can quickly make it at home with an air fryer.
Although you can buy pre-toasted coconut, it's easy to make by adding a thin layer of coconut shreds to an air fryer and toasting it for 5 minutes or so at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
To ensure a perfect toast, spread it in a thin layer, give it a shake every couple of minutes to evenly brown each piece, and keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn't burn.
Toasting removes excess water and gives the coconut a nice crunch. The heat brings out the coconut's natural sweetness while intensifying its nutty aroma.
Once finished, you can use the toasted coconut on any dessert, mix it into granola, serve it atop pancakes, or even incorporate it into savory recipes like coconut-crusted cod.