Piles of ginger roots on green placemat
To Make Ginger Root Last Longer, Store It In The Freezer
If you have an abundance of ginger roots you can't use quickly enough, store them in the freezer to keep them fresh and preserve their zesty, aromatic flavor for an extended time.
Ginger thrives in a cold environment, as it doesn't dry out as quickly and will last for up to five months. So, you can enjoy the same spicy kick of fresh ginger without any fuss.
Start with a fresh, unpeeled ginger root that is firm with smooth, taut skin, and avoid those that are wrinkled or have soft spots. Then, cut them into smaller, manageable pieces.
Individually wrap each piece in plastic or parchment paper to prevent freezer burn and maintain flavor and texture. Place them in an airtight container or resealable bags.
If you want, you can label your container or bags with the freezing date to keep track of its freshness. You now have fresh ginger at your disposal whenever you need it.
Frozen ginger can be directly grated into your recipes without thawing. If you have to thaw, simply microwave the root in 15-second intervals until you can slice off what you need.