Two pork chops with grill marks and peppercorns on counter with sprig of rosemary
To Get Juicy Pork, Baste Your Chops Like A Steak
Since lean pork chops can easily become dry and overcooked, keep them juicy and tender by using a butter basting technique, a popular practice for cooking steak.
Basting is a technique in which you cook meat in a hot pan with a liquid like melted butter, spooning the liquid over the meat constantly so it absorbs moisture and flavor.
Start by partially cooking the pork chops in oil in a pan for about four to five minutes, then remove the chops, reduce the heat, and add unsalted butter and herbs to the pan.
Once the butter melts, return the pork to the pan and use the herb-infused butter to baste the meat repeatedly until it’s fully cooked, which takes about three minutes per side.
For the best pork chops with a caramelized exterior and juicy interior that doesn't dry out as easily, use bone-in chops that are about one inch thick.
Before basting, remember that the chops should be mostly cooked, but not quite fully done. During the last few minutes of cooking, start the basting process.