Mashed potatoes in a bowl
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To Bolster The Flavor In Mashed Potatoes, Try A Little Olive Oil
Whether you bake it in the oven, simmer it on your stovetop, or cook it in an instant pot, the key to achieving decadent mashed potatoes is always the addition of some kind of fat. While most will gravitate toward milk, cream, and/or butter, olive oil is an excellent non-dairy alternative that adds a creamy texture and more interesting flavor.
Olive oil is lower in saturated fat than dairy, full of antioxidants, and its milder profile takes a back seat to the earthy starchiness of the potato, bolstering the mash's natural flavor without overtaking it. Because most quality olive oils have a distinctly earthy and vegetable taste, they act as a wonderful complement to the potato itself.
The olive oil should be slowly added during the mashing and mixing process, as this will ensure that the oil is well-incorporated to achieve the best creamy consistency. If you’re using a traditional recipe and substituting the butter with oil, we suggest using about a quarter less olive oil per measurement of butter to avoid an overly oily result.