Alcohol being poured onto a cake
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Tipsy Cake Is A Retro Dessert Soaked In Booze
If you don’t like baking, or don’t have time to buy sweets, Tipsy Cakes are a great option. They require just a few ingredients and are pretty easy to assemble.
With a recipe calling for stale pound cake, whipped sweet cream, and booze, the instructions for Tipsy Cakes are forgiving, so even lazy bakers can enjoy this simple comfort.
Tipsy Cake requires a sponge cake that isn't exactly fresh but has been generously soaked in brandy or sherry.
The soggy cake is then topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream, and the old becomes new again when plated and served with warm cups of tea and coffee.
To make Tipsy Cake, cut a stale loaf of either pound or sponge cake lengthwise into layers. Bake these pieces for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until they become even drier.
Once the cake slices turn crumbly, paint each layer with booze. Brandy, sherry, or Sauternes can be quickly swiped over the pieces with a pastry brush.
Next, create the cream that will separate each cake slice. A mixture of heavy cream and ricotta provide a richness and a smooth texture that complements the alcohol-drenched cake.
Sandwich the whipped cream with the cake layers before placing the entire creation in the refrigerator to set for at least two hours.
When you're ready to serve the treat, add more cream and a generous serving of berries for an extra touch of hospitality that any Southern chef might approve of.