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TikTok’s Beautiful Butter Board Will Change The Way You Serve Bread
More butter is better, or at least that seems to be the concept of TikTok’s latest food trend, the butter board. While some food trends are peculiar, to put it lightly, the butter board is as beautiful as it is delicious, and might just change the way you serve bread and butter forever.
The base of a butter board is a high-quality butter, like locally-sourced, grass-fed, cultured, or European-style butter, which is then generously swirled onto a charcuterie board. The butter is topped with anything from flakey sea salt and herbs to edible flowers, vegetables, honey, jam, or roasted garlic. Don’t forget to serve with warm bread, crostini, or even pita.
While the butter boards sound pretty perfect (and delicious), some have voiced concerns over cleaning porous wooden boards and communally sharing butter, dipping-style. However, the butter board lives on with others adapting the recipe by creating personal-sized versions, plating in a large bowl, or serving with a butter knife to make the recipe more practical.