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This Zambian Wedding Tradition Puts The Focus On The Food
Wedding traditions around the world can be considered a magical time full of celebration — with a wonderful display of culture and the merging of two families. In a world full of fantastic traditions, one of the most unique and culinary-forward wedding events happens in the African country of Zambia.
The culinary wedding tradition is referred to as Ichilanga Mulilo, translating to the "showing of fire," and is a special way the bride and the bride's family honor the groom through cooking. Ichilanga Mulilo is hosted a few days to a week prior to the bride and groom's wedding ceremony, and is also the first time a groom may eat at the bride-to-be's house.
During Ichilanga Mulilo, the bride and her family will not only cook the dishes but explain the significance the dish plays in their household. According to Eater, some dishes served include ifisashi (sautéed kale cooked in a peanut sauce), chikanda (a dish made from tubers/root vegetables), and munkoyo (a fermented stew made from pounded roots and cornmeal).