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This Was The Go-To Diet Of The World's Oldest Person
The world's oldest person, 119-year old Kane Tanaka, died in April 2022. While you may expect someone who lived that long to have had a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, Tanaka preferred to snack on completely different foods altogether.
Utilizing fresh, unprocessed ingredients and a minimum of sugar, the traditional Japanese diet is packed with health-promoting ingredients such as fish, pickled vegetables, and green tea. However, in an interview with the Japan National Tourism Organization, Tanaka revealed she had quite the sweet tooth.
Tanaka told the organization that her favorite things were Coca Cola, coffee and chocolate. "I think the secret to long life is to do the things that you like," Tanaka said, "Eating the things I like, doing the things I like, I've been able to enjoy each and every day. "