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This Was The First Canned Soft Drink
In today's consumer market, countless beverages can be purchased in a convenient can, so it's hard to imagine a food industry without them. However, carbonated drinks in cans that can be easily stacked, transported, and keeps the soda's fizzy flavor are a fairly recent invention, and this is how we got here and which drink paved the way.
The origin of canned goods dates back to the time Napoleon Bonaparte, who noticed that his troops were being decimated by scurvy and hunger more than combat. Seeking a solution, Parisian inventor Nicholas Appert invented the first canned food in 1806 by sealing it in glass containers and boiling it to force all the air out.
The first commercial canning factory opened in 1812, but it wasn’t until 1938 that the first canned soft drink was released by Cliquot Club, a manufacturer based in Massachusetts. However, this early canned soda suffered from rupturing and leakage and the drink absorbed flavors from the can, so the company switched back to bottles.
Another ten years passed before PepsiCo released its classic Pepsi-Cola in mass-produced cans that fixed many of the problems with Cliquot Club’s model. It took some time for canned soft drinks to take off, due to metal shortages caused by the Korean War, but these drinks became more widespread throughout the 1960s.