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This Vodka Costs Nearly $4 Million
By Michelle Welsch
Aptly named for its $3.7 million price tag, Billionaire Vodka is one of the most expensive vodkas in the world. It’s the most recent invention of Leon Verres, whose previous projects include Le Billionaire Champagne, yet even the richest of the rich may wonder what makes this vodka so special (or at least expensive).
While the Billionaire Vodka recipe is kept secret, we know that it starts with triple-distilled Russian vodka that is dripped through a sand made of crushed diamonds and gemstones. The vodka is packaged in a five-liter platinum and rhodium-encased crystal bottle, wrapped in white faux fur, decorated with diamonds, and finished with a label made of gold.
For those of us without $3.7 million to spare, Verres has advertised half-liter versions in a simple purple glass bottle modestly embellished with Swarovski crystals. If you get the chance to try this vodka, rather than reaching for a Bloody Mary mix, opt to drink it straight with an ice cube to enhance its unique flavors.