Sliced raw beef tenderloin meat for steaks on wooden board with metal meat fork. salt and pepper over dark brown texture background. Food cooking background concept. Close up. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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This Unique Restaurant In Rome Only Serves Raw Meat
There are plenty of wonderful places to dine in the Italian capital of Rome, and the city's Centocelle neighborhood has become increasingly popular among food lovers. Of all the eateries to try in Centocelle, one of the most intriguing is Fassangue, a dining establishment that serves all of its meat dishes raw.
It might seem strange to try raw beef in Chinese-style gua bao buns or panini sandwiches, but uncooked meat dishes such as these are Fassangue’s specialty, and they offer a unique take on a steakhouse experience. Steak tartare, beef carpaccio, and "meat sushi" made with raw meat in place of fish are also offered.
While it's usually risky to eat uncooked meat, Fassangue is affiliated with Macelleria Caputo, a nearby butcher shop that sources fresh, high-quality, ethically-produced meat from Italian farms that practice non-intensive breeding. If you're a fan of raw foods or you're curious to taste high quality beef in its purest form, seek out this restaurant.