Two strips of hot bacon
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This Unconventional Appliance Alton Brown Uses To Make Bacon
There are numerous ways to cook bacon, including frying it in a skillet, using a sheet pan in the oven, and even cooking it in the microwave. However, chef and Food Network host Alton Brown uses a different technique that makes use of an unusual kitchen appliance.
Brown makes crispy bacon with a waffle iron. Brown recommends cutting the bacon strips in half to fit comfortably and evenly in the waffle iron and cooking for two and a half minutes, then moving the pieces around to get an even sear, and ending with another two and a half minutes.
Some are skeptical of this unconventional technique, finding the presentation lackluster since the bacon strips are cut in half and unevenly crispy because of the waffle iron's shape. So it might not be full-proof, but Brown's unconventional method is novel and seems like fun.