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This Texas Restaurant Prepares Nearly 1,000 Pounds Of Beef Every Day
As the saying goes — everything is bigger in Texas — including the servings of beef at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, TX. The restaurant is renowned for preparing a whopping half a ton, or 1000 pounds, of beef on a daily basis, which can feed more than 4,000 people every day.
The Big Texan also has a 72-ounce steak challenge — if a diner can successfully polish off a shrimp cocktail, a potato, salad, a roll, butter, and a 72-ounce steak cooked to their liking within one hour, the $72 meal is 100% refunded. With around 87,000 attempts, only 10,000 diners have won the challenge so far.
So, if you’re in and around Amarillo, give The Big Texan challenge a try, but only if you dare! However, if you're not near Texas and still hungry for a taste of this Texan indulgence, check out the restaurant's Instagram page and their live stream of the 72-ounce steak challenge.