This Surprising Ingredient Can Take Your Cheap Steak Up A Notch
Food - Drink
Boasting a bold flavor, the affordable skirt steak can nevertheless run a little tough, which is why it's important to marinate it with ingredients that will help tenderize the meat. If you're looking to change up your steak routine, look no further than the beverage section of your pantry — and grab a can of Coca-Cola.
According to Allrecipes, Coca-Cola's acidity helps break down tough meat, making it a wonderful marinade for flavorful-but-chewy cuts. In fact, Coke is used as a tenderizer in plenty of meat dishes, from pork carnitas to braised beef brisket.
When exposed to heat during the cooking process, cola's high sugar content also ensures a burnished, caramelized crust. To use it as a marinade, just pour it over your steak, let it marinate overnight in the refrigerator, pat it dry when ready to cook, and season it with salt before searing on a hot grill or skillet.