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This Soda Contains The Highest Amount Of Sugar
It’s no secret that many Americans consume more sugar than they should, but you may not know that beverages make up 47% of added sugar intake. Today, over 130 million Americans struggle with diabetes, as reported by the CDC, so even when you feel like indulging in some soda, you should be aware of which brands to avoid.
When watching your sugar intake, you'll want to avoid Mountain Dew, which has the absolute highest amount of sugar out of every popular soda on the U.S. market. With 77 grams of sugar per 20-ounce bottle, which equals over 18 teaspoons, you'll exceed your recommended daily sugar intake with just a few sips.
According to Caffeine Informer and Newsweek, Mountain Dew has been one of the top 5 favorite drinks in America since 2014, and accounts for about $7 billion in PepsiCo sales. However, when you consider sugar's addictive properties, these statistics gain an unsavory edge that may make you reconsider "doing the Dew."