Iced tea in a mason jar with a lemon wheel
This Secret Ingredient Will Make Homemade Iced Tea Extra Refreshing
The most popular add-ins for iced tea are sugar, honey, and/or lemon juice, but the next time you brew up a batch, consider adding cranberry juice instead.
If you're a fan of the Arnold Palmer, cranberry juice is a great substitute for lemonade. A plain but strongly black, white, or green tea stands up the best to the tart juice.
Tangy cranberries are a perfect complement to iced tea's tart tannins. However, you should pay attention to the sugar content of the juice so you don't oversweeten the tea.
Some cranberry juices are even sweeter than soda, while others keep their sugar content as low as 9 grams a cup. Aim for a lower-sugar juice for a balanced drink.
For an extra-fruity and refreshing summer concoction, you could also mix the cranberry juice with peach or blackberry iced tea. Just make sure to keep the sweetness in check.