Person holding out a red cocktail in the plaza
This One-Ingredient Campari Cocktail Is Ideal For Lazy Hosts
If you have a bottle of Campari, a cocktail shaker, and plenty of ice in the freezer, you can serve unexpected guests a luxurious cocktail with minimal effort.
Campari is infused with spices and herbs, making it plenty complex without needing other ingredients. When shaken with ice, the liqueur is transformed into a light, elegant drink.
When served straight, Campari can taste like syrupy medicine, but when shaken, it becomes well-chilled, slightly diluted, and aerated, giving it a lighter and fruitier form.
Served as an aperitif, this bold Italian beverage takes minimal effort for maximum returns. Your one-ingredient Campari cocktail can be further fancied up with some garnishes.
Any drinks made with Campari can be garnished with slices of orange, slices of lemon, or cherries on a cocktail stick. You can even assemble a fruit fan to decorate the drink.