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This Italian Risotto Was One Of The Royal Household's Favorite Dishes
Due to the attention, patience, high-quality ingredients, and mastery of cooking techniques needed for risotto, it’s often considered an elevated dish suitable for high-end restaurants. It was also a meal fit for a queen, as was the case when chef Enrico Derflingher brought the dish to the British royal family during his service from 1987 to 1990.
Derflingher said he oversaw the kitchen and its meals for large banquets at the different estates owned by the queen, with the Queen Victoria Risotto becoming the royal family’s favorite. This dish is made from Sicilian red shrimps, parmesan, herbs, and Italian sparkling wine and was first served for a state dinner with President Ronald Reagan.
However, before Derflingher served what became Queen Victoria Risotto to Her Majesty, he tweaked the recipe to now include celery, carnaroli rice, dry sparking wine, butter, wild fennel, parmesan cheese, and Sicilian red prawns. If you want to try it yourself, Derflingher provides the recipe on his website.