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This Is The World's Most Popular Variety Of Rice
Over half of the world’s population depends on rice as a dietary staple, according to The World Economic Forum, and chances are you're familiar with cooking and eating white rice and brown rice. However, there are actually over 40,000 types of rice in the world, and the most popular variety is more specific than just brown or white.
All types of rice originated from two varieties called japonica and indica, and today, indica is still the most popular kind of rice in the world. Indica rice tends to have longer, thinner grains and a less starchy texture when cooked; the most well-known strains are basmati and jasmine, which are major staples in South Asian cuisines.
Indica rice requires subtropical growing regions with warm, humid climates, and the USDA estimates that indica makes up over 70% of the world's collective rice crop. Japonica rice includes starchy short-grain varieties like sushi rice and arborio, which are popular, but not in extremely high demand by multiple countries.