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This Is The Most Popular Type Of White Wine
The world of wine is an extensive one, and there is a vino variety for every dish and every palate. However, with so many choices between both red and white wines, there is one type of white wine that is most popular either for happy hour or as a salmon dinner enhancer, and that wine is chardonnay.
With Americans alone consuming 840,000 bottles of chardonnay per year, 17,000 acres in Monterey, California — out of the 500,000 acres worldwide — are dedicated to growing the grape. The chardonnay grape is originally from Burgundy, France, where over 1,200 years ago, Emperor Charlemagne's wife had the grapes planted in their vineyard.
Chardonnay is revered by winemakers for its ability to grow in many different climates and the range of flavors the grape can yield, depending on where it's grown and how it's made — from crisp and fruity, to oaked and buttery. Despite its spot at the top, chardonnay's reign is becoming vulnerable, as BevAlc Insights by Drizly reported a slight drop in sales of chardonnay.