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This Is Probably The Reason Your Meatballs Fall Apart
Meatballs are so much more than a spoonful of ground meat shaped into a ball, both in terms of flavor and preparation. A good meatball recipe can pack so many flavors into a small package, and the solid shape allows for a firm exterior with a tender interior — but keeping your meatballs round and intact isn't always easy.
When making meatballs at home, it can be challenging to keep them from falling apart while cooking. At first, it might be tempting to add more binding ingredients, such as eggs or breadcrumbs, to your meatball mixture, but in reality, the texture and ratios of your ingredients matter more than the quantity.
The size of the non-meat ingredients in your recipe, such as onions, garlic, or other vegetables, can significantly affect the meatballs' consistency. You just have to dice these extra ingredients finely, since larger chunks create gaps in the ground meat that interfere with the meatball's structure, causing it to fall apart.