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This Fish Contains The Highest Amount Of Protein
There are so many reasons why fish is celebrated as an ideal food for dietary health, and one of them is that they are an excellent source of lean protein. While not all fish are considered equal when measuring protein levels, there is one type of high-protein marine fish that may be sitting in your pantry at this very moment.
Often appearing as a menu item at sushi restaurants or an upscale fish lunch sandwich, Yellowtail is one of the most popular fish worldwide — 137 tons were sourced from Japan in 2020 alone. It is also one of the most protein-rich fish varieties: a 4-ounce piece of yellowtail contains 34 grams of protein, whereas the same size chicken breast contains only 26 grams.
So what are other ways to incorporate more yellowtail into your diet than dining at expensive Japanese restaurants or living out of your pantry? Available at your local grocery store or fish monger, yellowtail filets can be prepared as steaks, dressed up with your favorite marinade for a seasoned grill, or eaten raw.