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This Country Produces The Most Figs
At the end of summer, when the trees begin to turn red, many fruits and vegetables come into season, including figs. Figs are delicious and rich in nutrients, but in many countries, they are much easier to buy dried than fresh; eaters who are curious about fresh figs or love them already may wonder which country is most abundant in this fruit.
Turkey is the biggest producer of figs in the world, and harvested a whopping 310,000 tons of the fruit in 2019, accounting for 23.6% of the total global production. The second most major fig-growing country is Egypt, and the third is Morocco; added together, these three countries produce more than half of the world's figs.
Figs thrive in regions with long, hot summers and temperate winters, which is why the fruit is predominantly grown in Middle Eastern or European countries with this climate. Turkey enjoys its abundant fig crop in dishes such as fig dolma (stuffed figs), incir yağlaması (buttered figs), sütlü incir tatlısı (fig dessert with milk), and even fig baklava.