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This Country Produces The Most Avocado Oil Worldwide
Although avocado has long been a trendy topping for toast and a taco Tuesday side dish, the oil from this fruit is very new to the culinary world. Given that the avocado oil market is predicted to be worth about $650 million by the mid-2020s, it's worth exploring which country is producing all of these avocados.
Mexico is currently the world's top producer of avocado oil, followed by Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, and Chile. While most of the production is confined to these subtropical climates, many countries produce avocado oil regionally, such as New Zealand, Israel, Spain, and the United States.
While avocado trees prefer moderately warm weather with medium to high humidity levels and avoid extremes of either too hot or too cold, they are adapted to live at higher elevations and have built-in natural defenses against extreme heat. They do not fare well in wet environments and require well-draining soil.