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This Country Produces More Cherries Than Any Other In The World
Cherries are a sweet treat whether eaten alone, folded into a pie, or atop an ice cream sundae, and with high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, these tart treats can be enjoyed guilt-free all summer long. But how much do you know about cherries? It turns out we have one country to thank for the majority of cherries we consume.
If you thought the U.S. was the leading producer of cherries, you would be wrong; the U.S. is in second place when it comes to cherry production, while Turkey is the world’s leader, producing 664,224 tons of cherries annually. Cherries have long been grown in Turkey, and the word cherry is even said to be derived from a Turkish town once called Cerasus.
Turkey is the native land of the sweet cherry, and a majority of cherry farmers still harvest their fruit in the traditional manner, using local plant varieties, and letting nature take its course in the groves, meaning no tree training or modern irrigation systems. The most popular Turkish cherry is the 0900 Ziraat variety, known for its maroon color and sweet, juicy flesh.