In 2020 alone, Americans consumed around 27.6 billion pounds of beef, and one of the country's most famously stereotypical dishes is the hamburger. Given these facts, you may wonder if the U.S. produces the most beef out of any country in the world, so here are the statistics on beef production around the globe.
The United States does, in fact, produce more beef than any other country, having produced 12.6 million tons in 2021, followed by Brazil at 10.4 million tons, the E.U. at 7.7 million tons, and China at 7.0 million tons. America exported a record 1.44 million metric tons of beef in 2021, which is roughly 15% of all beef produced for that year.
Due to high demand, the U.S. also imports beef from abroad, mainly from Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Interestingly, USDA Economic Research Service predicts that beef production will fall 7% in 2023, while prices will increase by 9.4%; however, it may take much longer for the U.S. to ever lose its status as the top beef producer in the world.