Block of butter with slices cut off
This Country Eats The Most Butter Worldwide
Given the popularity of European butter, you may expect a European country to consume more butter than anywhere else in the world, but that honor actually goes to New Zealand.
In 2022, New Zealand averaged a whopping 13.6 pounds of butter per person, far surpassing the second-place country, Belarus, with an average of 10.4 pounds per person.
New Zealand is not only a top consumer, but a top producer and exporter of high-quality butter and other dairy products, thanks to its high population of grass-fed dairy cows.
Grass-fed cows produce butter with a richer flavor, scent, and color than grain-fed cows, and this type of butter also contains more healthy vitamins and minerals.
In 2022 alone, New Zealand produced 480,000 metric tons of butter, accounting for 30.4% of the country's total exported goods that year.