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This Aromatised Italian Wine Is The Perfect Way To End Dinner
Considering wine has been produced in one way or another for thousands of years, it’s no surprise that there are varieties perfect for almost any occasion. Ever since the inception of the drink, winemakers have been finding ways to change, upgrade and differentiate their wine, and aromatised wine is one such example.
As you might guess, the word "aromatised" comes from “aromatic,” meaning fragrant, and while some wines are aromatic, aromatised wine is different from your standard wine. Aromatised wine is an alcoholic beverage with wine as its base, but with added sugars, colors, and flavors.
Barolo Chinato’s wine base is Nebbiolo, a red wine varietal known for its highly tannic and acidic red fruit notes, and the aromatised wine is infused with spices like gentian root, cardamom, clove, and quinine. This final product is a rich and indulgent wine, with a smooth, earthy flavor, and digestive benefits that make it perfect for a meal cap.