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Think Twice Before Stacking Empty Plates At A Restaurant
Ever finish a meal at a restaurant and stack your empty plates to help ‌the waitstaff? While this move may seem like a no-brainer, and your intentions may be good, stacking empty plates isn’t as helpful as it seems, and there are other, better ways to assist your server.
Stacking empty plates can actually make a table look messier, and can get in your server’s way. Individual waitstaff have their preferred methods for clearing a table, and at some restaurants, waitstaff go through intensive table side training with specific protocols for handling dirty dishware.
A better way to help your server is to signal that you’re finished with your meal by angling your fork and knife toward the center of your plate, rather than pushing your plate away or stacking multiple plates. Also, avoid placing napkins on dirty dishes, because they can get stuck and create an even bigger mess.