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Think Twice Before Putting Batter In A Convection Oven
You can cook just about anything in a convection oven, but when it comes to bread and raw batters, the outside will cook faster while the inside stays raw.
While experts agree that batter isn't an ideal choice for baking in a convection oven, it can still be done — it's just more finicky. You have to follow the 25/25 guideline.
This means reducing the cooking time by 25 percent and lowering the required temperature by 25 degrees F. This way, the baked goods aren't exposed to as much heat for as long.
You'll also want to avoid opening the oven door too frequently to check on your batter, as this can disrupt air circulation and ruin the final result.
Still, keep an eye on it since it will be cooking faster than normal. Do a toothpick test on the batter no earlier than ten minutes before it's supposed to come out of the oven.