T-Bone Steak
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Think Twice Before Pan-Searing T-Bone Steak
Pan-searing is one of the best and most popular methods to cook juicy steak with a great crust, especially for cuts like ribeyes, tenderloins, and strip steaks. T-bone steak is another delicious cut that deserves to be cooked properly, but you might not want to reach for your trusty skillet if you plan to leave the big T-shaped bone in.
Searing a T-bone over high heat will shrink the meat, but not the bone, which means that the bone might "raise" the steak’s surface above the pan so it doesn't make good contact with the hot metal. This makes it harder for the surface to brown properly for a good crust, and prevents the steak from rendering its fat and juices.
Instead of using a pan, try broiling your T-bone steak in the oven or putting it on the grill with the bone in, where it will have much more room to cook properly. You can also cut the meat from the bone, which requires some knife work, but solves both the dilemmas with pan-searing unevenly and a lack of room in the pan.