Customer in diner complaining to a waiter
Think Twice Before Ordering These 11 Items At A Diner
Fruit Wedges
Diners are great for their nostalgic atmosphere and cheap food, but you should avoid ordering some things, especially extra fruit wedges.
A wedge of lemon or lime is common in drinks, but you should skip them at diners where they can get cross-contaminated by servers who are also handling money and dirty dishes.
Soup Of The Day
Despite the name, the soup of the day at diners isn’t necessarily made fresh daily. Rather, it is made in large batches that languish for extended periods.
Aside from the misleading name, it is often a way for diner kitchens to use up nearly spoiled or expired ingredients, which won't be appreciated by customers who value freshness.
Daily Specials
Just like the soup of the day, daily specials are a way for diners to use up nearly expired ingredients that get smothered in rich sauces to mask their quality.
Moreover, daily specials are usually priced higher than typical menu items, which might trick customers into believing the food is of a higher quality than it actually is.
Salads aren’t typically a popular diner item, so it’s harder for the kitchen to keep fresh ingredients in stock to make them, particularly lettuce.
Likewise, diners don’t typically make salad dressing in-house and instead keep large jugs of dressing in stock to use on their salads.
Seafood served at diners is almost always frozen, possibly for long periods, meaning it won’t meet the quality standards of seafood lovers.
Frozen seafood can deteriorate in taste and texture, and can be temperamental when defrosting and cooking, leading to more taste and texture issues and possibly even contamination.