empty alley in village in Italy
Think Twice Before Dining In A Tourist-Trap Restaurant
Veteran travelers know that finding a truly great place to eat while on vacation requires much research and caution, or you could end up in a tourist trap restaurant.
These eateries, often located near popular tourist spots, look just like any other charming and authentic establishment from the outside, but can leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Tourist trap restaurants take advantage of tired or inexperienced tourists, often overcharging for smaller portions of food that can be pretty mediocre to downright terrible.
The true shame is that you'll miss out on great local cuisine by choosing one of these spots. There are some signs that can help you decide if a restaurant is a good pick or not.
First, consider the restaurant's location. If it's right next door to a landmark, museum, famous park, and so on, you should be on the lookout for pitfalls when you go inside.
Next, if you notice that the majority of patrons are tourists, that's your second hint to be wary. Locals are more likely to patronize restaurants that prepare local cuisine well.
Additionally, take a look at the menu and look out for multilingual descriptions. This could mean that the place intends to mainly serve tourists who don't know the local language.
Lastly, look at the price. Research typical food costs in the area and know the currency conversion rate, and if a run-off-the-mill place's prices seem unusually high, walk out.