Wooden spoon with mix of raw lentils
Think Twice Before Cooking Yellow And Red Lentils In Your Instant Pot
Certain types of lentils, particularly red and yellow ones, don’t do well in Instant Pots because they're "split" before they're sold, meaning the outer skin is removed.
Their speedy cooking time gives them a smooth texture, but it also means that cooking them in an Instant Pot will likely reduce them to little more than a puree very fast.
Instead, cook red and yellow lentils on a stovetop, which is much gentler. Besides the lentils not being subjected to high pressure, you have more control over the cooking process.
Keep in mind that, on the stovetop, red and yellow lentils will cook faster than their green and brown counterparts. They become tender in half the time, about 15-30 minutes.