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Think Twice Before Adding Ingredients To Your Burger Meat
There's an art to perfecting the iconic burger or cheeseburger, and it seems like there are infinite ways and recipes to make a great burger. However, there's one piece of advice to keep in mind no matter the chuck, toppings, or heat preferences — adding extra ingredients into your meat could do more harm than good.
Naturally, adding ingredients directly into your ground burger meat can change your burger patty's composition, texture, and flavor. However, you’re also making the burger denser and heating the meat, which can cause issues when cooking, leaving you with a pseudo meatloaf burger, instead of the traditional burger everyone knows and loves.
So, what do you do to give your burger ample amounts of flavor? Aside from picking ideal meat cuts and adding toppings to the burger after cooking, those who like to experiment with their patties can grind in ingredients like onion or garlic.