Cocoa pancakes with dark chocolate and powdered sugar on a plate on a wooden table
Think Again Before Making Pancakes In Stainless Steel Pans
Pancakes are cheap, delicious, and usually easy to make, as long as you use the right pan. Stainless steel pans can make whipping up a stack of flapjacks a total nightmare.
Stainless steel pans typically lack a non-stick coating, which means there’s nothing stopping the pancake batter’s proteins from bonding with the metal and sticking to the pan.
This makes the pancakes harder to flip and raises the risk of them sticking and burning. Preheating a stainless steel pan first and adding oil or butter can mitigate this problem.
Alternatively, you can just use a different pan. A properly seasoned cast iron skillet has a hardy, non-stick layer built into the surface for perfect, easy-to-flip pancakes.
Non-stick pans are the go-to pancake choice for many home cooks, and there are also electric griddles, which offer a large non-stick surface to cook many flapjacks at once.