Bowl of chicken stock next to chicken pieces and vegetables
Thicken Homemade Chicken Stock With A Single Pantry Staple
It's easy to cook chicken stock by simmering chicken bones, meat scraps, and veggies in a pot of water. For a stock that's richer than a basic version, add a dash of vinegar.
Vinegar’s acid will break down the chicken bones more as they cook, so all of the cartilage and connective tissue readily dissolves to form a thicker and more gelatinous stock.
Vinegar also helps to extract more vitamins, minerals, and healthy amino acids from the bones, making your stock more nutritious as well.
This trick works just as well with beef, pork, and even seafood stock. All you need are the meat bones, vegetables and herbs for flavor, and vinegar.
Start with a tablespoon or two of white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar added to your soup pot. The vinegars are milder in flavor and won’t taint the savory taste of the stock.